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ATZ aims to offer satisfactory end to end solutions that second the Cashless Economy. With ‘ease of access and creativity’ being our motto, we cater to Augmented Reality Developments and E-commerce Electronic Payment Services that help our clientele in operating better business functions.


Donning the next-gen tech advancements and foresighting the betterment of business solutions, ATZ thrives to provide greater business functionalities through its service concepts. With this being said, we also aim to get greater user experience using Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.

Why Choose Us and Services

Some of Our USPs To Help You Land Your Choice on Us


If you’re seeking systems, models, mobile applications, or similar platforms that can ease the end to end processes, ATZ is the right choice with customisable industry solutions


The future transactions are convenient, quick, and digital! ATZ helps you build the perfect online payment portal where the flow of payments are inexpensive and direct. Generating the futuristic payment gateway portals is our speciality, and we know it better how distinct industries work distinctly.


We possess expertise in providing Augmented Reality services that are ready-to-use and simple. We specialise in customer satisfaction areas when it comes to AR and VR, thus trusting us for your virtual reality needs will be a right option.

What Do We Have In-store For The Industries

With strong technical background and a team of creative minds, ATZ strives to offer varied cost-effective functionalities to the organizations which are in need of convenient business solutions. Our major focus areas run around services that help industries in bettering their end to end processes.We cater to

Payment Portal Services

Being an eCommerce solopreneur or just another firm that seeks excellence in customer satisfaction need payment solution that costs least transaction fees, and ideally make the payouts instant. ATZs Payment Service Concept is all about helping such industries in doing their payments better. We help merchants integrate such functions on their websites, apps, or portals. Once integrated, they’ll be able to receive the transaction money instantly at a nominal charge. An added benefit here would be; the more they use this service, the less they’ll pay per transaction.

Automated Invoice Generating Systems

ATZ is all about offering ease of access! Be it the customer’s side or the merchant’s, the Automated Invoice Generating System is an ideal fit for all business to business and business to customer transactions. Merchant can create instant invoices and send them directly to the customers within few seconds. It is the next-gen billing system that is gaining popularity due to its accessible features. Moreover, if merchant does not want to take the risk of invoices being unpaid, this service lets them swiftly pay for the invoices on customers’ behalf and customers can pay for the services via installments or other payment option.

Subscription Economy Establishment Services

The greatest loyalty program followed by most industries is generating a Subscription Economy that weaves fruits in long run! ATZ helps the firms in setting up such subscription rewarding framework that works for both the sides. With subscription model implementation, merchants can create different subscriptions and offer their customer a varied list of benefits they would seek. E.g. Gym membership and other subscription benefits. Here, users can pay and activate the subscription instantly. They can also keep a track on expiry date, reward points, additional benefits, and many other added features as per the industry requirements. With ATZ experts, you can easily aid to such services that grows the business organically!

Augmented Reality Solutions

ATZ possesses expertise in integrating Augmented Reality platforms for the industries who are looking for the extra edge for their business! Augmented Reality has gained immense positive response in the recent years, and we have created AR Service Concept where merchants can upload 3D models, create virtual tours, generate imaginary environment around the place, and do a lot of other stuff. AR helps customers in visualising the actual scenario with virtual reality before making any purchase decision. ATZ lets you create such platforms from which you can gain the new-age tech benefits. This service is a cornerstone in Augmented Commerce field where virtual meets real!

Face Recognition On Immerch - Protect What Truly Matters!

Immerch now comes with yet another tech-savvy feature for all you digital nomads out there! Yes, nomads! With virtual time travelling being accessible, every individual today is a digital nomad! And for all of you, Immerch’s latest Face Recognition Feature has many intriguing and utilitarian things in store!

Immerch now lets you save your database with a more authoritative manner than ever! Here’s how,
Log in to Immerch to allow the app to ask for your face registration, and once the face detectors identify your face, it creates a protected authentication space which only you can access. The catch here is to have a place of your own where you can upload and store text documents, images, videos, 3D creatives and many other important stuff. Every time you want to access the files, you’re spared from remembering and entering a password, a look at your face will unlock the app!

This intuitive face recognition identities any unsupervised interventions to your personal information. Therefore, the feature offers a reliable and fraud-proof authentication service.

  • The Core Use Cases of ImmerchID Service
  • Face-to-face Recognition with Authenticity
  • Highly Accurate, Reliable User Authentication
  • Personal and Protected Storage Space
  • More Convenient and Improved User Experience 24×7
  • No Fraudulent Interventions
  • What The Future Holds for ImmerchID
  • Immerch Cloud For All Your Data
  • Multi-user and Admin Panel for Companies in Business
  • FaceID Authentication for Users
  • Company Access for The Enrolled Members
  • KYC With Face Recognition
  • Cloud-Based E-Identity